Open Project(s) & TFP FAQ's

Check below to see what personal projects I have open and also if you would like to inquire about a collaboration.

Performing Arts

Shooting performing arts is a new venture for me, I was lucky enough to be introduced to a talented dancer and over the course of the summer we shot a verity or dance inspired images. I would enjoy the opportunity to work with other dancers and/or studios on a TFP basis.

Enchanted Rock (Located in Central TX)

Fashion style with earth tones. December 2019

Inquire for more info.

Southeast Asia

• Singapore canceled.

• Manila bookings are closed

• Still space left in Bali, BBK.

• Taking backups for Cebu

Bookings Closed

Have an Amazing Opportunity or Idea - Want to Collaborate?

Tell me about your amazing idea or opportunity you would like to collaborate with me on.


I am open to ideas, to proposals, and to amazing projects – but like so many other professionals, I cannot random accept everything everyone offers me (even when sometimes I'd like to.)